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My Review On Wicked Nights By Gena Showalter (Spoiler Alert!!)

Wicked Nights By Gena Showalter
Mass Market Paperback, 411 pages
Publish: June 26th, 2012
Leader of the most powerful army in the heavens, Zacharel has been deemed nearly too dangerous, too ruthless -- and if he isn't careful, he'll lose his wings. But this warrior with a heart of ice will not be deterred from his missions at any cost…until a vulnerable human tempts him with a carnal pleasure he's never known before.

Accused of a crime she did not commit, Annabelle Miller has spent four years in an institution for the criminally insane. Demons track her every move, and their king will stop at nothing to have her. Zacharel is her only hope for survival, but is the brutal angel with a touch as hot as hell her salvation -- or her ultimate damnation?
My Book Review On Wicked Nights By Gena Showalter (Spoiler Alert!!)
 Before you read my review about the book, my thoughts about Author Gena Showalter, first off I love when she writes these novels and make them more and more funnier and romance in the books, I do have to say that this books is wonderful and I am glad that I buy her books. She is a smash hit along with her books.
Zacharel was seening the head angel and they told him not to bother the humans that is on earth that he and his army had to fight demons at this Crimial Insane building where they were, they killed all the demons but one of the angels killed a human and Zacharel got a whipping for it. Zacharel went into the building and he saw a doctor doing to Annabelle and he stop the doctor doing bad things to the girl. He did something to the doctor and told him never come back in the cell so the doctor did what the angel told him. Zacharel could not take his eyes off Annabelle, my opinion he has the hots for this girl lol. Anyhow he is still greving over his brother, but I am thinging that the demon is his own brother that is my guess.
Annabelle was in Zacharel cloud and they was talking and lighting, and the clouds was grey, the cloud showed him demons was around it and he grab Annabelle and put her around him and got his firing sword and zoomed out of the cloud and to Koldo to get the army here to fight the demons. Well no army and and Zacharel fights the demons. One of the demons rip one of his wings off and down he goes along with Annabelle, he gave her some healing water, and she was like what was that stuff, they hit the ground but Annabelle has no scraces on her and Zacharel was hurt badly with buries and so on. Koldo came and took them to a house.
Annabelle told Zacharel about her dream and she found out the demon marked her has tricked her of saying yes to him to be his woman, to me I am in shocked and, what will she do, or what will Zacharel do? Good questions for me.
Zacharel had to take Annabelle where they are in a safe place they are hiden, she asked how are we going to get out of here the same way at the insane building, so they are up and up into the clouds. When they got where they wanted to be, they ended in an alley and Zacharel command the white robe to be clothes for him and Annabelle, she asked if she can touch his wings, which they are air hiden, so he liked that lol, anyhow she asked why are we here, he said to get supplies like food, water, clothes, shoes, and so on. Well they did went shopping and she is on a shopping spree lol, she got her two cookies and ate the first one down and she was eatting her second cookie and she said have you ever had one of these before, Zarcharel said no never had one, so she took a piece and put it on his lips told him to open up and he didn't want to and she said open up and she put it in him mouth, and he sucked on it and ate the cookie and said he liked it lol, This book is getting really good and I am loving this book. Zacharel kissed her and he could not get enough of her and what he did he ripped her clothes off to get more. Annabelle knocked the crap out of him and told him not to come any closer. Zacharel I think he is shamed of what he did and he is trying to talk to her and tell her that he is sorry but she don't want him to come any closer to her. Oh boy when will this stop and let her come after him that is I was wondering geez.
Annabelle ran from Zacharel and she is really pissed I mean she told him to go slow down and he didn't, well now she is running through the forest and everything is hitting her. Zacharel was trying to get to her fast, because there is going to be an ambushed from a demon. He is trying to get there before the demon gets to her. Koldo has a big secret, and I think Zacharel will be pisser than a dog, is all I have to say. They killed all the demons and they was coated in their dark blood. Zacharel and her talked for a bit than she said okay I will go with you, she put her arms around his neck.
Now they can't go back to the cave because demons will fine her, so they have to go somewhere else, so they are in a hotal. Zacharel was explaining here what is a conscort is and he did. They both agree he don't see another woman and she don't see another man, Zacharel said you are mine and you belong to me. Zacharel asked her to go to sleep and she said she is not tired at all, so he told her to watch TV and she flip through the channels and she turned the TV off, and than asked him questions. Than Zacharel went into the bathroom and run bath water for her she was in there for over an hour.
After she got out of the bathroom she asked him you been standing there the whole time and he said yes so they did some naughty things lol. So now the morning came and she said you haven't taught me how to fight so they went into the gradens and he tranform himself into a demon and she freaked out, and he told her to stop it is him, so he explain how the smell of a demon and a smell of angel. Like I said before I think this demon Burden is his bother, if the demon tell him everything than hell is going to break loose. Anyhow Burden has their Angel Jamlia and the demon said if you don't come she will beheaded, and if you contuied to be Annabelle esort than the girl will beheaded, so yep Zacharel is so screwed big time. I hope he can get to the angel girl in time and I hope the demon is dead so Annabelle can be free, but if she is free how is she going to be with Zacharel. So they went to this club where Burden is and they saw Paris one of the Lords there. Any how this woman came up to them and said something that pissed Annabelle off and she took one of her blades and put it in her chest. Zacharel told her to clam your emotions and she said sorry. The Demon said come I will show you where Burden is, she also said don't expect to be exectied to see him as much I was with you. Well war is breaking out in the club and Zarcharel came to save Annabelle, but some friends, I think it could be the Lords Of The Underworld to help him and his angel friends, now to the master who is he, the main one has to be Zacharel brother no doubt about it.
No doubt about it I was right that the Lords Of The Underworld came to help Zacharel I know my books by now lol. Man I love this book so far and so good. Now I have to keep on reading to fine out more lol. I have to say Zacharel can be an ass sometimes, but Annabelle had so much hate I don't know why she needs to realize that he loves her and he is doing what he can.
My question is will they be together or will he leave her that is my question. Also I think the demon that has marked her is his brother and I don't think he knows it, I don't know if I am right I don't know if i am wrong but I know in fact when I keep reading this it is getting gooder and better by the mintue. Well Zacharel and Annabelle went at it with the naughty things, he wants her badly but he won't comit to her. Annabelle wants to see her brother but I don't know if that will be a good idea to see him, he won't understand any way, but if the angel can make him understand than I have to keep reading the book to fine out more.
Zacharel told Annabelle what had happen to his brother, and explain to her that he had to do what he had to do to his own brother. Annabelle went and see her brother and found out that he was drinking himself to death and doing drugs. Annabelle's brother pissed Zacharel off and he is now seeing everything his wings now I am thinking that hell is going to break loose as I try to finish this book but the book is getting really good, I love the ploit and the way Gena did to it, and she also made it funny, romance, and it will make you cry. I am shocked right now what I have read here Annabelle just found out Brax had put a spell on his sister and that is why she was locked and he said he had nothing to do with her. Zacharel did something to change his mind and he did good, and Brax told Annabelle that he put a spell or something and that is why their parents are dead and she got the blame for it. So they both have to hang in there. Now to fine out more and more stuff about this book and I think Gena did a great job on it. Well the head angel was under attack and he had to go so he called his cloud and his cloud was black hmmm and Zacharel did not see it coming, now Annabelle is in trouble big time she is going to be taken to the high lord demon and she is going to fight him. Well I hope she is ready but Zarcharel fines out that the vivle and Annabelle is gone he is going to go crazy, I think he will fight for her and get his army ready to get her back and the other angel is alive I know it I am glad that I am reading this book. Getting good and I am loving the book.
The temple was under attack and there was demons attacking it Zacharel army had to fight them off. Zacharel had to fight some demons off, but Annabelle was not in the cloud the demon took her on earth taking her to the high lord. The demon took something that was Zacharel and it was on earth, but I know it is his brother that is alive if i am right I will be one happy person to figure out some things on my own by reading so read on that is what I have to do lol.
Annabelle is a demon or transformed into a demon now she is hurt and Zacharel don't know what to do Lysander is the only way but he is cleaning Zacharel's mess up of what happen at the temple. She is part of the High Lord what the hell, so she is half demon and half human, now this is getting to me big time lol, anyhow I love the way he was crying and begging for her and so on, that is how angels do. I think not for sure I say this again could the high lord the one that is called unforgiveness can he stand a chance to kill him and not Annabelle, there must be a way for this, if not i am going have to keep on reading the book to fine out more. Annabelle and Zacharel went to the doctor's house to see if he has those pictures of her and the pictures was not on his cell phone but it was on the computer along with other woman he has abused, so Zacharel made him call 911 and confuse his crime what he did, so Zacharel, the doctor and Annabelle was waiting for the police to come arrest the doctor, but Zacharel hidden Annabelle so no one could see her.
Okay the high lord wanted to make a deal with Koldo and the high lord said he will give the two angels he has. He also told Koldo if you tell Zacharel he will kill the angels, I know what he wants it is Annabelle to bring her to hell so they can be together, but if this high lord gets what he wants what will happen, not for sure if this is his brother but there is going to be a fight over the girl and I have to keep on reading of what is happening and what is going on, I hope Koldo can make a something up and warn Zacharel what is happen if not hell is going to break loose I know that for a fact. Yep it is happening now that Koldo is there where Zacharel and Annabelle are and I think he is telling Zacharel everything that is going on and so on, now I know what is going to happen I have to keep on reading, Only two more chapters to go and I am done and I am going to keep going until I am finish with this book. I don't know if I am right or wrong about his brother being The Unforgiveness not for sure if it will happen or not but I will fine out right now, the fight begins now for them.
I have no clue but if Zacharel falls from the heavens meaning he will loose everything that includes his men will fall to, well I know now that hell is going to break loose Koldo has a demon in the hotel room but I don't know what is going on going to fine out and what is going to happen to her and Zacharel, I hope they will defeat the high lord. Unforgiveness is Zacharel's brother and I was right, he is after Annabelle and Zacharel has to choose Annabelle or his brother so what is it going to be pretty boy, I hope he picks Annabelle and I hope they can fight and defeat his own brother he has to for her. Koldo killed Unforgiveness and Unforgiveness killed Annabelle I think she heard Zacharel screaming, now going to finish the last chapter. I have to say I was right about his brother and that was a great ending I have cried and it was really good, Gena if you are reading this review thank you for writing this I have loved it and I think you did a great job on it, I will give this book a five stars or more. This book was a smash hit, I laughed, I cried, I love romance books. 

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