Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Darkest Seduction By Gena Showalter (My Review)

Paris don't know what is going to happen to him when he fines out the consequences about the heavens. I think he really wants this woman, and have a really good life with her. One main thing I didn't know that there are other demons in that castle where the god king put them. I am really shock of the things that are going on. And for the angel of what ever his name is that he keeps the girl, and knows Paris destiny I think something is going to happen. I am going to go on and read more. I can't believe that Galen took Ashlyn, now Maddox is so pissed that he want his woman back. Legion finally came out of the room, she was beaten by demons and got hurt by them. Legion is the one that made a deal with the devil, she is dying in side, not what that means but I have to read up more. So basically Galen wants Legion to trade for Ashlyn's safety, so I am begging to think that Legion might go, so that is my thought and theory right now. Viola was giving Legion some advice, she told her Legion it is up to her who she loved or the ones that took her in. Kane is already in hell, and I don't know what is going on with him but he has to have sex with the White horse girl. Right now he is traped, and I don't think his friends will be coming after him soon, but they will be there to help him out, when they can. These dark shadows are really bad I think William was helping them he cut him self and made a circle and told them to stay there and he went into the second room and put blood on a shield, I am kind of shocked here reading this Gena Showalter is a good writer and I love how she writes :). I can see it now that Paris wanted this woman from the beginning with and I know how he feels, he has been with out this woman for a long time and he loves her, and she loves him, I am getting more and more farther in this book and it is getting more and more intense, I have to read more to tell more, I just don't want to spoil anything, to anyone who is reading this book. I never thought in my life time to read all the books or say Series and they are good. Zacharel had to save Paris because he was going to do a fifty foot dive down, but the angel came and flew him out, funny to say this like Paris said " I am like damsel distress". Yep I have to agree with him funny isn't. I mean this book is loveable and great, and I love everything about Paris, and William funny as hell, but can't read the next book. I can't believe Maddox is a daddy now and Ashlyn had the babies and they picked their own names that is so cute, William is funny as hell gotta love him lol.. And another thing that Rehda and her husband is dead I am glad that they are dead and out of the way. Now Sierrna is the new queen of the titans man I love this book I really do. I am glad that Paris and Sierrna are together.


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