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Beauty Awakened By Gena Showalter ***Spoiler Alert****

Koldo is really mad about his mother ripping his wings off him when he was little, and he has her as a prisoner and I don't blame him at all. I think he is going to fall in love with this girl that is a red head. She has a lot of surgeries and her sister is in the hospital and she is not going to live that long the demons that are right beside her are drinking something out of her to think she will never make it.
Nicola was leaving and Koldo was in the elevator she was staring at him from top to bottom, she has never seen a man that huge. I think she will fall for him, and Koldo will fall in love with Nicola. He said some thing to her about her healing something like that and he went poof, now things are going to get on.
Well he disappear from thin air away from Nicola, now he went see that stupid bitch of a mother of his, she said she should of cut his touge out and he said well you said you wanted to drown me when I was young. He has so much hate against his mother, I don't blame him for one, that she never did want him or what to love him, what did she do drop him in the air so his father can take care of him and be like him. I have a feeling about this book that he will go against his father that is all I have to say.
Koldo gave Nicola's sister the droplet of water from the heavens and her sister screamed and screamed doctors and nurses came one doctor told on nurse to get Nicola out of the room so they closed the door. Nicola started to get dizzy and feeling sick she fainted. The doctors told her that she took a big fall and she has a concussion in her head so they are keeping her over night, she asked the doctor about her sister and he said that her liver, and kindeys are fine and they did some blood work and they come back just fine that she is going to live.
Well Nicola's sister is okay for now, but don't know how long she got. The doctors was okay and her sister is on her side and no not on a machine anymore. Koldo came and talked her and she said he was mean, he said he would be nicer and he talked to her about some things, she asked Koldo if he was a ghost and he said Ghost don't exist. It was hard for him to explain it to Nicola. Her sister was wake and she wanted some water, and Nicola was going to ask Koldo if he could give her some water but he was gone again lol, but she will get used to him. She something right there by her sisters arm it was one of those demons. My opinion they are going to come to her as bait I know the feeling and I know what is going to happen.
Nicola was doing things for her sister and went to the store to get what her sister wanted, than she has to go to work, when she was done with work her boss called her in and when she went into the office in her mind it was telling her to run out of there right now. Her boss is nothing but an ass, there was a demon on his shoulder and it peed on him and he going to do something really bad. Nicola's boss wanted to do bad things to her and stuff like that, she got up and said she quit her job, she ran to the do and try to go out but the door won't open, her boss said that he rigged the lock so she will not get out and now that is that I am going to do things to you he said oh boy I hope she gets out or Koldo gets there in time. Yay Koldo come to save her, now I have to keep on reading to fine out what is giong on.
Koldo explain of what is going on and what he is and other stuff. I just think him and her will be together and fight off the demons that is coming to her. I think her sister will not make it if she keeps feeding the demons. I just know that she will get weaker and weaker by the minute.
Nicola and her sister was at the park trying to spend time with each other, Nicola don't know how much time she has with her sister, There was these snakes in the park trying to attack her and her sister they was demons and they was chasing non stop, more keeps coming so Nicola as The Most High To help her and her sister, and angels came and killed all the demons and angels won.
Koldo took all her stuff to his house in Panama and want her safe and sound, so he got everything but the couch, when Nicola came in she saw Koldo and said where is all my stuff I think I have been robbed. Koldo told her to go to the kitchen right now and wait and her sister said something and he grab her arm and took her where they practice how to fight and so on to help them defeat demons and came back to the house. Nicola hit Koldo's chest and asked him what did you do to her you know she is under a lot of stress and so on.
Koldo told Nicola that he wanted to tattoo her to protect her and she said no than he explain it to her about everything and than she let him tattoo her. Nicola asked him tell me me something to get out of my mind of this pain, and he did, she looked at the tattoo and she said the are numbers and he said yes if you look at the numbers they will protect you, if any demon comes after you look at that and they will come help you.

Nicola and her sister went out on a double date and it didn't go to well, and Koldo did something made the Dex spill his wine all over him. Dex went to the bathroom to get cleaned up, and when it came back his pants got wet, so Nicola pour water on her to make her dress look wet lol, Axel was laughing his ass off and he liked this girl lol. Koldo got so pissed and so mad that he marched down there to get Nicola and he was going to tell her like it is. I mean he was pissed and he said to Nicola "You Are Mined". Wow I am in shocked.  Koldo and Nicola kissed and touching each other, and all of sudden she pasted out, Koldo was nice enough to take her to his room, she woke up and said it happen again, he said yes. She said sorry to him. They talked for a while than he said you need your rest she said what for, because something is going to happen.

Sirena is the evil one who wants Koldo, and get Nicola in big trouble. Koldo took her to his hide out and put her in the cage and he said he will be back to ask questions. Axel just now told Koldo that he found Nefas out side of the building now what is going to happen? Will it all go down for him to face his father and tell him like it is? Or is he going to do something bad and something is going to happen to Nicole? Just have to wait and see and try to finish reading of what is going to happen next.

Yep I was right hell just broke loose for Koldo and Koldo's father took his woman now I have to say this it is going to be war between him and his dad one on one who will win I have no clue, He loves Nicola and that is is. It wasn't a trap it was a distraction to get Nicola out of the building so yeah now what, I don't know.

Koldo faced his father, and guess what Koldo didn't know he had a sister name Sirena and how sicking his father could be sleeping with his own daughter. How sick he can be, that he want his son married to his sister how gross that is and stupid, I hope Koldo gets out in time or I hope help will be on the way to help him fight his father off an save his woman Nicola and sister.

He was hurt and his friends came to help him fight his father and sister, he was poison and stabbed, shot you name it so when they have left he couldn't flash at all, so he asked one of his friends to take him to his ranch and the one person said you know you going to ow me, Koldo said I know. He went to Nicola and he passed out and Nicola told the warrior to put him in her bed and he did and she was trying to aid Koldo.

Koldo went and see the new king and they talked and said he knows so much and his friend Zack was walking to him, than Koldo went into the doors and meet the new king. The new king gave him his own wings back. He went and showed Nicola and she touched them than she asked him who is that woman in the shed? He told her it was his mother now things are going down between them.

Koldo went to South Africa to see his mother, than freed her and warned her not to harm his woman, she jumped the cliff slowly lifting her and she was out of his hair, he was at peace finally, now have to take care of his evil father. Than be with Nicola.

Koldo took Nicola out on a date and took her out to see the world and let her pet and Elephant, than took her out on a skyscraper, and dance, that is so sweet, took her and make love to her and she wanted to get married to him now and they did, they are very happy together, finally Koldo has someone for him that loves him for who he is.

After his date with Nicola, they flashed to his friend and Nicola saw her sister died so he went to get the water of life, and when it tried to flash but took in different place, he got to Nicola house and he was on the floor. His sister and father was there she took the water of life from him and gave it to his dad, his dad pour the water out and than held him at his chin. Now it is going down this fight has to end between his dad and sister, they must be distored.

Nicola lost her sister and she fight the two demons haha so shocked that you thought of the sword of fire holy crap. Okay I will keep on reading :).

Omg Gena Showalter did it again and I love what she did the ending for Nicola and Koldo I just love it. She worked hard on this book and I love every moment of what she did, it was worth the wait and I finally gotten to read it. I just love it and I am very happy the way it end now to my next book :).


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