Review Policy

Thanks, for visiting Underworld Book Chick! If you are visiting this page and you are interested in this blog or how to get involved with this to improve this blog for expamle books/book reviews, Here is a list of what i am able to offer (that i know about):
-Book Reviews
=Author Interviews or Guest Post
If you want something that is not on the list, feel free to contact me about it and we will work things out.
Book wise, i will accept: print books (wether it's hardback or paperback is of no importance to me as i am just glad to recieve the book), I will accept ARC's as well, although only if the book will not be changed anymore storyline wise.  I can overlook editing such as typo's but i don't really want a ARC, if the story is subject to be changed in any way in the final release.  I can also accept e-books for my Kindle.  But, if i am honest, i do prefer print copies if at all possible.  But if its not possible i will be happy to accept the ebook.

If i feel your book is not the type of book i would enjoy, i will not accept a review copy, but will offer to do a giveaway or something else to help promote your book.

All of my reviews are 100% honest.  I've been told even a bad review helps, so no matter if i love the book or i dont, the review will be 100% honest.
My reviews are posted at the following places:
-My Blog
If you want your review posted somewhere else please let me know where.
if your asking me to review a book that is in a series, please include the name's and order of the other books in the series.  If your asking me to review book 2 or so on in a series and i haven't read any of the books in the series, i'm happy to review the series up to the book you are originally asking or even the whole series.  But i will need to get caught up to at least the book your asking about. 
If you want to contact me for a review/giveaway/guest post Please hit the Icon below: